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Ask the Accountant

It might be tempting to try to be your own accountant for your small biz. But because there are many different areas that you have to keep track of, it's a good idea to leave the accounting to a professional. An accountant can prepare your taxes and help you make decisions about your money.

Before working with an accountant, you need to find someone who you are comfortable with. The accountant you hire should be someone you can easily talk to about money. You want to be able to talk about both the money you make and the money problems you face.

After you select an accountant you'll have to meet together right away to set up your money records. You'll want to ask lots of questions at the first meeting. Click here to download this set of questions to print out and take with you when you visit an accountant.

To get more information on a topic, click on each question. You may have to scroll down to see the answer.


Have more questions? You can do some of the research yourself. Find a book on bookkeeping in the Library Catalog or make an appointment with one of the business counselors listed on the Business Library website.