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Ask the Lawyer

When you start a biz you might not realize that having a lawyer is an important part of starting up. A lawyer can give you legal advice on everything from your bank account to licenses and permits.

It might seem intimidating to find a lawyer. When you look around, ask friends and family who they know. If you are not 18, an adult should go with you and will need to sign any legal documents. You should also interview a few lawyers before deciding on one to work with. You want to feel comfortable with the person that you hire.

Some of the questions that you will ask your lawyer you will also want to ask your accountant. Once you have talked to them, you can make fully informed decisions about various legal and financial aspects of your biz. Click here to download this set of questions to print out and take with you when you visit a lawyer.

To get more information on a topic, click on each question. You may have to scroll down to see the answer.


Have more questions? You can get more information by reading up on the legal aspects of starting your biz and by contacting a business assistance organization. Use BPL's Business Library website to find books, websites and assistance.