Before you start your biz, you should talk to people who might be your customers to find out if they will use your product or service and why. You can do this through a survey. You can hand out surveys at networking events, in local businesses (once you ask permission), to friends and family, among others.

To get you started, we’ve put together a tool to help you create your survey. Go through the steps outlined below, and when you are done, you’ll be able to download, save and print out your survey.

Company Name
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What is the product or service that you are selling?

Click on the box next to each question that you want to have on your survey.

Do you already use a product or service like this?

[ ] Yes
[ ] No

How often do you purchase this type of product or service?

[ ] Several Times a week
[ ] Weekly
[ ] Several times a month
[ ] Less than once a month

How long have you used this product or service?

[ ] Less than one year
[ ] One Year
[ ] More than a year

How much do you pay for this product or service?


Do you think the amount you pay is too much or just right?

[ ] Too much
[ ] Just right

How did you find out about this product or service?

[ ] Friends/Family
[ ] Flyer
[ ] Website
[ ] Newspaper Ad
[ ] TV Ad
[ ] Radio Ad
[ ] Other ___________________

What do you like about the product or service that you currently use?


What do you not like about the product or service that you currently use?


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