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Need to find information on creating a buzz, usually referred to as marketing, for your product? Try these resources first.

Search Terms
Library Resources Online
In and Around Brooklyn

Terms to use when searching

Try using these words when you search or the library catalog, or look for magazine articles on the topic.
  • marketing
  • marketing plan
  • marketing strategy
  • marketing campaign
  • market research
  • advertising
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Books In the Library

When you look for books on marketing, start with those located in this section of the library's shelves: 658.8.

Some specific titles are:

Streetwise marketing plan: winning strategies for every small business
Don Debelak

Marketing kit for dummies
Alexander Hiam

The one day marketing plan
Roman G. Hiebing

Big business marketing for small business budgets
Jeannette Maw McMurtry

How to sell more stuff
Steve Smith
658.82 S

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Magazines to read to learn about advertising and marketing include:
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Library Resources Online: Find Magazine Articles and More

You can find articles using the following library resources. They have articles from hundreds of business magazines and newspapers. Click on the name to start searching. You will need your Brooklyn Public Library card because the barcode number on the back is your password. Don't forget to use the words listed above to start.
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In and around Brooklyn

Brooklyn Public Library: Explore a Topic - Marketing & Market Research
Brooklyn Public Library has many resources to help you get started in business. Check out this one when you are researching marketing.

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There are many websites on marketing. Visit these first.

Advertising Your Business
This Bank of America workshop covers the basics of advertising, budgets, and more. Marketing
This magazine has loads of article on how to successful market your business. Marketing: Marketing Basics for the Small Business
An overview of what makes for successful marketing with some good tips for a biz with a small budget. Includes several other useful resources such as a marketing glossary and information on creating a marketing calendar.