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Use this checklist to make sure you have all of the equipment, licenses, certifications and education you need to open a salon. The Beauty Salon Resource Guide gives you a list of places to look for more information on getting what you need to get started.

  Education – beauty classes  
Experience – prior work in a beauty salon
  License – required by the state  
Space – do you have a location for your salon?
  Staff – will anyone besides you work at the salon?
Washing basins
  Styling chairs  
Hair driers
  Supply trolleys  
Manicure sets
  Cutting supplies – scissors, etc.  
  Hair care products – coloring supplies, etc.  
Skin care products
  Massage chairs  
Store sign or awning
  Cash register  
Credit card authorization
  Other, specify.  
  Hair Care – cutting, trimming, drying, coloring, etc.  
Nails – pedicures, manicures, repair, etc.
  Skin Care – waxing, facials, etc.  
Selling Products – shampoo, conditioner, styling products, etc.
Make Up Application
  Give Beauty classes  
Other, specify.