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Child Care

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Do you love kids? That's the first question to ask when you consider starting a child care biz. If the answer is yes, then child care might be a biz for you. In addition, if you are going to open a child care biz you should:

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  • Be energetic so you can keep up with the kids you will take care of
  • Be creative so you can come up with interesting things for the kids to do
  • Be a people-person so you can relate to and work well with parents and other adults
Some people provide child care in their homes. Some start out working in their home and the biz grows so much that they have no choice but to move to an outside space. You might start by taking care of kids in the neighborhood or children of friends. If you start small you will get an idea of what's needed to take care of children over a long period of time. Before starting, consider taking classes in early childhood development and working for someone else who has a child care biz. You might want to ask other people if you can visit their child care biz. When you visit or work in another child care biz, pay attention to:
  • How the child play areas are set up and the types of toys and games on hand
  • The kinds of foods available and when and how often children eat
  • What kid friendly furniture you see and if there are special chairs and tables
  • If there is an outside space nearby, and if not, how the kids play outside
Take notes so you'll know what you need in your space to have a successful biz. We've created a checklist to help you start thinking through how to set up your child care biz.

Taking care of children is a big responsibility and the child care biz has a lot of regulations. There are even more regulations when the center is outside of the home. You must have a license and sometimes a teaching certificate. Do your research so you don't run into trouble. Check out our Research Guide on this topic for more information. In addition to the day-to-day operations of your child care biz, you also want to find out:
  • If you have competition for your services
  • The hours during the day that parents are most likely to need child care
  • Whether there are kids in your neighborhood and how old they are
  • If parents require any special child care services, such as transportation to play dates and school
  • The best way to let parents know about the child care services you have available
For more information on learning about your audience and ways to advertise your services, check out the Know Your Market and Sell It! sections of this site.