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Getting into the fashion design biz takes more than a love of drawing fashion ideas on pieces of paper. Itís an exciting biz to get into, but you must think it through beforehand. Use the checklist below as you begin. (Donít forget to also check out our Fashion Design Resource Guide for further help on finding the information you need to get started.)

  Have the skills needed to design my own fashions.  
Have the skills needed to manufacture my own fashions or have researched manufacturers for my fashions.
  Have researched fabrics and other materials that I might use for my fashions and located suppliers.  
Have created a portfolio and samples to bring to stores and design houses.
  Have worked with and/or talked to someone in the biz.
Have researched the competition.
  Have spent time in stores that carry my type of fashion to see whatís in stock and what the customers like.  
Have attended or worked on fashion shows and could stage one at a church or school.
  Am familiar with and have access to computer technology that can be used for designing and creating fashions.  
Have a list of stores or design houses to contact about my fashions.
  Know how to create samples of designs to bring to stores or design houses.  
Other, specify.