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Need to find information on the music business? Try these resources first.

Search Terms
Library Resources Online

Terms to use when searching

Try using these when you search Google, the library catalog or look for magazine articles on the topic:
  • Recording industry
  • Music trade
  • Music business
  • Record label
  • Music publishing

Books In the Library

When you look for books on the music business, start with the 780 section of the library's shelves.

Some specific titles are:

Career Opportunities in the Music Industry
Shelly Field
780.2373 F

This Business of Music: The Definitive Guide to the Music Industry
M. William Krasilovsky
780.973 K

Music Business Made Simple: A Guide to Becoming a Recording Artist
J.S. Rudsenseke
780.23 R

Start and Run Your Own Record Label
Dayelle Schwartz
384 S

What They'll Never Tell You About the Music Business: The Myths, Secrets, Lies (& a Few Truths)
Peter M. Thall
780.2373 T

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Magazines to read to learn about the music industry include:
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Library Resources Online: Find Magazine Articles and More

You can connect to these from your home or office. You will need your BPL library card. (The barcode on the back is your password.)
  • ABI Inform Research
  • Business Source Premier
    Each of these links you to articles from hundreds of magazines. Use the terms we listed above to search by keyword.
  • Associations Unlimited
    Connect with an association to learn about news and trends and to meet others who can help you in your new biz. Start your “Association” search with the phrase "music."
  • Business and Company Resource Center
    Find articles from magazines or get a snapshot of your business by using the term "music" or the phrase "sound recording" as the "Industry Description."
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There are lots of websites on the music biz. Try these first:

The Music Edge
"A launching pad for the ambitions of tomorrow's musicians."

Music Business Solutions
Great resources, articles and links.

Music Yellow Pages
Check here for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and more.

Record Labels & Companies Guide
Go here for record label and music company contacts, articles, news and tips.

Recording Industry Association of America
This association represents the major recording labels. Get excellent market research statistics by clicking on "Research and Data."

Star Polish
A collaboration between artists and music industry professionals. Check out the "Advice Library" for business information.